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Pneumatic Testing Device for testing Three-way Valve of Fuel Throat
3-D project in CAD SW
Drafting of drawing documentation
Testing device production
Optimization of the production process

Repair of Control System of Sheet-metal Devider (default management)
Project documentation
Production of new electrical distribution boards
New SW installation
Modernisation of control system

Production of Hydraulic Cutting Press for Leather Cutting - 600kN
Production of framework structure
Installation of control and hydraulic systems
System introduction and installation

Drying Tunnel for Drying Sprayed Parts (RH 2%)
Designing tunnel and conveyor
Production of tunnel framework structure
Project documentation
SW programming and introduction
Machine optimization

Vision System – Full Inspection Check of Leather Cockpit
Checking (orientation, HUD, cockpit type, colour of cockpit and stitching)
Design in CAD
Project documentation
SW and camera programming

Production Line for Paper Honeycombs
Designing and production of line components
Project documentation
Wiring installation
SW programming
Production line optimization

Manual Work-station for Resistance Welding
Desk design
Project documentation
Software tuning for spot welding

Camera system for Checking Chemical Spraying on Glass
Designing Camera System and Link
UV light check
ABB robot programming
Programming communication robot – server – link – camera system
Installation in client’s premises

Assembly Line for Door Module Production – Automotive
Designing assembly line, conveyor and agents in CAD
Components and agents production
Lighting and wiring installation
Assembly software implementation
Installation of Moment Measure Drill

Prototype Development (Large-capacity Cutter for Cutting Honeycomb)
Design of automated machine in CAD
Project documentation
Production of steel framework for automated desk with automated ejector of semi-finished products, production of conveyor and machine fixation, wiring installation and installing electrical distribution board
Tuning – software, pneumatic pistons FESTO, and tuning speed of conveyor and cutter
Testing and introduction

ISM HMI – Development of Custom Visualization Interface for Windows
Compatible with PLC Siemens (S7 1200, 1500, 300, 400) an Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10)

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